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This site is intended to serve you. If you like nature photography, and the occasional people, place, or thing, it's my hope that you'll enjoy these downloadable photos in the comfort of your own home, office, cubicle, hotel room, lobby, etc.

Around my teen years, my dad gave me a film camera (remember those?) and showed me the basics of photography. There seemed an instant attraction to capturing images of objects and people that will never be seen the same way, in the same light if you will. That passion has continued on and now is taking shape in the form of sharing my work with others: you!

The majority of my collection is landscape (outdoors and nature) photography. Having a love to travel to the great outdoors, photography just seems to fit perfectly, and is never far behind. Our family trips usually include visiting National Parks, so, naturally, I'm the one who's falling behind on the trail, taking pictures!

Since I realize that not everyone is willing, or able, to strap on the hiking shoes and hit the trail, no worries: I've done it for you. I bring you the views through my lens from Hawaii to Canada to Mexico, and more, to share some of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

If you are curious about any of the places in these photos, just ask! I'm happy to share with you some travel or photo tips that can perhaps make your own adventures more enjoyable.

Finally, should you enjoy any of these shots enough buy one or two, I'd be honored to let my travels give you a 'quick escape' and have a place on your wall, desktop, computer or shelf. 



New Stock Photos/Coming Soon

Guam Pictures Have Arrived!!!
I recently took a trip to Guam which means...I recently took photos of Guam! I've just completed the selection process so I welcome you to check out my Guam Pictures today!

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